2016 Calendar

2016 Calendar

Elegance and glamor between French Alps and Provence

Brigitte Bérenguier

Tome 2016 sur 2016 de cette collection

Arts & photo


28 pages

ISBN: 9782322039364

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 07.09.2015

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: oui

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En savoir plus
2016 Calendar’s theme: "Elegance and glamor between French Alps and Provence".
Photos of the freelance senior model Brigitte Bérenguier are taken in natural and sumptuous landscapes. Posing amid beautiful and powerful Mercedes-Benz’s cars, the model whose any gowns are even homemade (BB Créations) is dressed with particularly chic and glamorous clothes. Moreover notice that the main winter luxury clothes are mink and fox furs.
Brigitte Bérenguier

Brigitte Bérenguier

Brigitte Bérenguier is born in Marseille in 1959. Her mother and her maternel grandmother, who was a dressmaker, transmitted to her a genuine liking for elegance and well-dressing. She admires for long the Hollywood's stars from the fifties, so that she embodies nowadays a strong taste for what reminds us this glamorous image of the feminiinity. She learned from her comedian training the art of stage and the display, allowing to her to take the best advantage of her outstanding photogenic skill.

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