Ayo's Adventures

Ayo's Adventures

Tales of my journeys in the Second Life virtual world

Françoise Sabard

Romans & récits

Couverture souple

64 pages

ISBN: 9782810607723

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 29.04.2009

Langue: français

Impression couleurs: oui

11,50 €

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En savoir plus
This is the story of the life and experiences of Fran's avatar, Ayo. Ayo is her name within Second Life. Ayo will first describe what Second Life is, how she and Fran relate, then she will tell stories of her experiences in Second Life with each of them illustrating a point about life in Second Life. All these themes are centered around the encounter of Ayo with her “twin soul” Ludwig and the reactions of their Real Life creators hidden behind their laptops. A touch of romance thrown in... What will Ayo and Ludwig's future be? makes Ayo's Aventures pleasant and interesting to read.
Françoise Sabard

Françoise Sabard

Françoise Sabard was born in France in July 1949.
After spending most of her life abroad, either teaching or working for French Embassies abroad, she has just retired in Hendaye where she has started writing and working as a translator....
She spent fifteen years in West Africa : Ghana, ivory Coast and Sierra Leone and six years in London before going back to France.
After Ayo's Adventures, she plans writing a few novels to share her experience........

Website: traductionfran.com

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