Chased by your Grace

Chased by your Grace

Mikael Reale

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112 pages

ISBN: 9782322043118

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 12.11.2015

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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There is hope and there is the way, His way. He is the way. This book is more than words on a page. His word is spirit and life. Life is seen and experienced as we allow His word to feed and inspire us through the pages of this journey.

Mikael has so clearly taken hold of this reality. With great passion that has grown out of revelation and much personal experience and inspired reflection, he lives out before us many facets of what is, and what is not, grace.

Rev. Leroy LaCoss
Mikael Reale

Mikael Reale

Mikael has always loved traveling for as long as he can remember. As a child, while other children wanted to be policemen or firemen, he longed to be a sailor on merchant ships!
For several years, he traveled alone, hitch-hiking, flying or sailing his way around the world. In 1984 while traveling in New Zealand, he yielded to the Lord’s grace and hand on his life.
Following this life changing event, Mikael married Cathy in 1986 and they set off for the Caribbean in a newly purchased sailing ship.

Mikael was very much a seafarer! His father is from Palma of Majorca, and his mother is from Malta. They resided on the coast of North Africa until moving to the French Riviera where Mikael was raised. Following the tremendous conversion to Christ, Mikael understood and accepted that God had a special destiny for him that included this seafaring lifestyle.

With this calling and a willing heart Mikael is in the pursuit of full surrender to God’s plan and his destiny.

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