Contributing to Healing

Contributing to Healing

Nature Healing, Distant Healing, Prayer, Spititual Healing, collective actions

Daniel Perret

Nature & sciences naturelles

Couverture souple

108 pages

ISBN: 9782322237562

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 22.08.2020

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: oui

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In these extraordinaty times of change we can learn to use our thoughts and actions for the benefit of nature and all sentient beings: animals, human, bees, birds, nature spirits... This present book describes how healing works, how to proceed and how to beypass inner hindrances.

I have been studying and teaching spiritual healing for many years.
The changes of recent years have moved my focus very naturally from personal development towards including nature healing. In
my book Earth-Healing (in German and French) I explain hwo this
shift came abouit through the many requests from nature spirits.

Healing in all its forma, from spiritual healing, to distant healing or prayer, is a simple and natural procedure. It is based o Love, the ever-present energy of the Universe. New nature spirits have recently appeared to encourage humans to become more aware
of and to send daily distant healint to our immediate natural surroundings.

Groups of citizens throughout the world have become active to legally secure the rights of nature for river systems, forests, etc. We neet to link local action to global awareness.

We can all contribute no matter who and where we are.
Daniel Perret

Daniel Perret

I was born in Zurich and studied business administration at the University. As the human being was never mentionned in those days and studies I went into community work right after finishing my studies. i have been studying spiritual healing for twenty years with an Irish healer, Bob Moore. And have been teaching it for over thirty years now.
The contact and request coming from nature spirits has given my work a new field of action. Distant healing has been part of my daily activities for over 40 years.
I am living in SW France in Dordogne now.

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