Escape to home book 1

Escape to home book 1


Gary Edward Gedall, Rohan Gedall

Tome 1 sur 1 de cette collection

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108 pages

ISBN: 9782940535262

Éditeur : From Words To Worlds

Date de parution : 22.04.2016

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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Johnny, twelve, and his fourteen-year-old sister Jane, have run away from their abusive foster parents.

They are found, wondering in the woods by the formidable Mrs. Marsh who insists that they return home with her, until she can contact the constable and send them back home.

Will they be forced to return to their foster parents?

Will they manage to escape a second time?

And exactly who is the mysterious Captain Marsh?
Gary Edward Gedall

Gary Edward Gedall

Gary Edward Gedall is a state registered psychologist, psychotherapist, trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and EMDR.

He has ordinary and master’s degrees in Psychology from the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne and an Honours Degree in Management Sciences from Aston University in the UK.

He has lived as an associate member of the Findhorn Spiritual Community, has been a regular visitor to the Osho meditation centre in Puna, India.

And as part of his continuing quest into alternative beliefs and healing practices, he completed the three-year practical training, given by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 2012.

He is now, (2014 – 2016), completing a DAS, (Diploma of Advanced Studies), as a therapist using horses.

Quora writer of the year 2015

His hobbies are; writing, western riding and spoiling his children.

Rohan Gedall

Rohan Gedall

Rohan Kai Edward Gedall, was born in Switzerland in 2005, and was still only 10 years old when he completed this, the first book in the Escape to Home series.

However, writing is not his only accomplishment; he has already been invited to compete on a national level, for playing both piano and flute.

He also enjoys western riding and has just succeeded his ‘Brevet’, as a western rider, today 17 of April 2016.

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