Evrard, Lord of Ethe

Evrard, Lord of Ethe

Ludovic Dispaux

Romans & récits

Couverture souple

276 pages

ISBN: 9782322028078

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 27.03.2014

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

19,50 €

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En savoir plus
Adventure story in the Renaissance
Evrard, Lord of Ethe, through its simply beautiful vistas, vivid characters, centuries-old language and deep human themes and memes, powerfully points to a world of a past – of our past – which shaped land, cities and, most of all, people.
In his book, Ludovic Dispaux endeavours to paint a series of frescoes which show life as it was, as its most sad, or joyful, or maybe normal (for what was normal then, other than what is strangeness now) in XVIth century German Empire.
In the form of ‘true’ false adventures, suited to the period, he teaches us about Evrard: with mysterious Teutonic knights, in Bruegel fairs or arts competitions, at the baroque court of Charles the Fifth, in the company of the sly Prince de la Marck, in some gallant banter with green-eyed Lady Barbe or the sensuous and fiery Irena…
The images are strong, the descriptions moving, the cries of the newly-born and of the dying mercenaries full of the same will to live – and incomprehension faced with what is to follow...
Ciprian Dumea
Ludovic Dispaux

Ludovic Dispaux

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