Faith is the Bridge

Faith is the Bridge

Angels, light beings and energy fields

Daniel Perret


Couverture souple

168 pages

ISBN: 9782322012855

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 06.02.2015

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: oui

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They say that: "The veil between the worlds is becoming thinner by the day." I had been noticing energy structures in nature and in rooms for many years. Recently I started to feel nature spirits, devas and landscape angels within those energy formations. Then I began to tune into the community angels of villages, towns, nations and groups of people. They explained what we need to do to assist them in bringing down their divine energy of inspiration and healing - and how little use we are sometimes making of it. This third volume of 'The Science of Spiritual Healing' describes my journey into connecting with light beings, angels and these energy fields of wisdom. A chapter is dedicated to the little known background of some of the major illnesses of our time such as Ebola, cancer, depression, autism; another chapter introduces the diagnosis of chakras with the understanding of chakra segments. A long commentary is given about the angels of sacred places and what real transformation requires. This book describes how to bring about co-operation with the divine dimension so badly needed nowadays. It is a book of hope and inspiration, written in collaboration with a Collegium of Spirits.
Daniel Perret

Daniel Perret

Né à Zurich en 1950. Etudes à'l'université de Zurich. Etude de la science de la guérison spirituelle auprès de Robert S. Moore de 1979-1999. A publié dix livres dont la série sur \"La Science de la Guérison spirituelle\". Vit en Dordogne. Musicien, auteur, conférencier, stages

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