Pharo 9 by example

Pharo 9 by example

Stéphane Ducasse, Gordana Rakic, Sebastijan Kaplar, Quentin Ducasse

Industrie & technique

Couverture souple

318 pages

ISBN: 9782322394104

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 27.03.2022

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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En savoir plus
Pharo is a modern, dynamically-typed, reflective, and pure object-oriented programming language. It offers strong productivity via a fully live programming environment. It supports Xtreme TDD, a powerful development technique that puts live objects at the center of the coding experience.
More information at

Pharoers are used to say that programmers will never program the same once they coded seriously in Pharo.

Learning Pharo is easy. Software developers learn Pharo in a couple of days. In addition, you can follow an excellent online free lecture available at:

This book covers all the key aspects of Pharo: its syntax and its core libraries such as collections and streams. It also takes the user over simple tutorials that present all the aspects of code development with tests and git management with Pharo.
In addition, it presents advanced topics such as reflective facilities and meta-level.
Stéphane Ducasse

Stéphane Ducasse

I'm expert in language design and reengineering. I worked on traits. Traits have been introduced in Pharo, Perl, PHP and under a variant into Scala, Groovy and Fortress. I'm expert on software quality, program understanding, program visualisations, reengineering and metamodeling. I'm one of the father of Moose, an open-source software analysis platform and I created Synectique a company building dedicated tools for advanced software analyses. I'm one of creator and the leader of Pharo a dynamic reflective object-oriented language supporting live programming. Since 2013, I built the industrial Pharo consortium and I lead the consortium engineering team.
Our objective is to deliver a highly robust, versatile, compact and productive environment to develop and deploy advanced applications.
I work regularly with companies (Thales, Wordline, Siemens, Berger-Levrault, Arolla,...) on software evolution problems. I wrote couple hundred articles and several books. I'm editor of two book collections available at:

Gordana Rakic

Gordana Rakic

Sebastijan Kaplar

Sebastijan Kaplar

Quentin Ducasse

Quentin Ducasse

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