Pharo with Style

Pharo with Style

Stéphane Ducasse

Industrie & technique

Couverture souple

86 pages

ISBN: 9782322182015

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 07.03.2022

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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En savoir plus
Pharo is a modern, dynamically-typed, reflective, and pure object- oriented programming language. It offers strong productivity via a fully live programming environment. It supports Xtreme TDD, a powerful development technique that puts live objects at the center of the coding experience. More information at http://

Pharoers are used to say that programmers will never program the same once they coded seriously in Pharo.
Learning Pharo is easy. Software developers learn Pharo in a couple of days. In addition, you can follow an excellent online free lecture available at:

Now programming is not only code logic but communicating with other developers via code. Pharo with Style, intended for both students and developers, defines a list of guidelines to help you writing better communicating code. Pharo with Style will bring you fast to the next level: You will code like the pros.
Stéphane Ducasse

Stéphane Ducasse

I'm expert in language design and reengineering. I worked on traits. Traits have been introduced in Pharo, Perl, PHP and under a variant into Scala, Groovy and Fortress. I'm expert on software quality, program understanding, program visualisations, reengineering and metamodeling. I'm one of the father of Moose, an open-source software analysis platform and I created Synectique a company building dedicated tools for advanced software analyses. I'm one of creator and the leader of Pharo a dynamic reflective object-oriented language supporting live programming. Since 2013, I built the industrial Pharo consortium and I lead the consortium engineering team.
Our objective is to deliver a highly robust, versatile, compact and productive environment to develop and deploy advanced applications.
I work regularly with companies (Thales, Wordline, Siemens, Berger-Levrault, Arolla,...) on software evolution problems. I wrote couple hundred articles and several books. I'm editor of two book collections available at:

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