The curse of holiday romance

The curse of holiday romance

June Caravel

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Date de parution : 15.11.2021

Langue: anglais

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When Miguel casts a spell on Julia after she refused to kiss him, she doesn't believe it. But after years of failed relationships, she has to admit it: the curse of holiday romance is pursuing her. As she travels to the birthplace of Miguel, Julia is decided to find him and conjure the curse.
June Caravel

June Caravel

Since she composed her first song at the age of 20, June Caravel has laid her soul bare on the paper and never looked back, persuaded that the expression of her personal world could have a universal call. Her deeply moving voice, burning and sensual that she delivers without concessions in her music, can also be found differently in her writings which mix romance, suspense and humour.

June Caravel got started on stage with the band Bluwheel, when after auditioning to integrate the Fusion Rock band. Quickly the members of Bluwheel push June to write her own songs in English, which she would never have done on her own. This impulsion gives her the courage to start writing her own songs on the piano in a soul-pop style.

In 2009, she got an idea for a screenplay: she will write 4 others thereafter. Then in 2014, she reads about an erotic short stories contest, which will spark the idea of her first romance. She develops a pop sensuality style in her 4 records and more than 300 songs, 3 novels and 5 screenplays.

June Caravel can be listened to on all streaming platforms, her books can be ordered online or in bookshops and her screenplays can be read on demand.

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