The Harp in Distant Healing

The Harp in Distant Healing

Daniel Perret

Bien-être, cuisine & santé

Couverture souple

108 pages

ISBN: 9782322208623

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 02.05.2020

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: oui

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The Harp in Distant Healing
A collection of texts, most already published as papers and chapters. I have played different harps since 1980, and teach spiritual healing, distant healing and the subtle effects of sound. Can some of the subtle effects of the harp be used in distant healing?

What is transmitted in distant healing with the harp?
The absent receiver does not see or hear you, cannot talk to you, nor touch you. Anything that could impress them other than the music no longer operates.

The great potential of the harp and of similar instruments with resonating strings, was shown to me in 2019 by a group of spirit beings. They specialize in the subject of distant healing with the harp and want to encourage us to discover this potential for the benefit of others. According to them many harpists in the world potentially have a Seraphim energy around their harp, making it possible to send distant healing to humans and animals. Many more harpists can send distant healing to nature and nature spirits of all kinds.

I have included numerous experiences and suggestions as to how to understand distant healing and how to adapt our harp playing so it can fulfil the requirements for distant healing as well as possible. Contents: The source of our inspiration; the 5 elements determining the quality of music; 7 levels of conceptualisation of music; doors into improvisation; raising our own vibration.
Daniel Perret

Daniel Perret

I was born in Zurich and lived there for forty years. I moved with my family to South-West-France, where my wife and I teach and enjoy the area. I began playing music when I was 18 , exploring
folk traditions from America, UK and Ireland . I played Irish traditional music fro 30 years, mainly Uilleann pipes and whistles. I met Bob Moore a spriritual heler from Northern Ireland in 1979 and my wife and I studied with him for 29 years. He taught me so much about development, energy fields and the effects of sound.

I bought a concert pedal harp in 1980, a Celtic harp some years later and recently had an ancient Egyptian bow harp made by a gifted local craftsman. I play feeling improvisations on the harps.
That is idiom-free with no rhythms, no melodies and no repetitive chords. My playing aims to give the listener as much freedom as possible, and not cath their mind and endlessly churn in their heads.

My own personal development work has led me not to separate
physical and non-physical levels in my life. I have written
extensively about energy and energy fields. I have been part of a
group of healers practicing distant healing for many years.
Although I worked as a music therapist for 14 years in a children's
day clinic at Brive Hospital (Central France), I am not a harp therapist, as this requires a specific training.

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