The She-King (The Consecrated Life of Elizabeth I of England)

The She-King (The Consecrated Life of Elizabeth I of England)

2nd edition, greatly modified and enriched

Jacqueline Q. Louison

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608 pages

ISBN: 9782322474561

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 29.09.2023

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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"SHE only was a KING, and knew how to govern. How to support the dignity of her crown, and the repose and weal of her subjects, required the course she had taken": such was the tribute of Henry IV, King of France, to Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

This essay by Jacqueline Q. Louison is the second edition of "The She-King". It highlights a consecrated life to "duty". It establishes a subtle distinction between overpraise and discredit.
Jacqueline Q. Louison

Jacqueline Q. Louison

A retired teacher of English, Jacqueline Q. LOUISON has published twelve books of fiction and poetry. Holder of a Doctorate in Letters, Foreign Languages and Literatures, having presented a Master degree on Toni Morrison and a thesis entitled The Puritans and the Foundation of the United States of America, she continues to study, with more and more enthusiasm, the unfoldment of the human race.

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