The Colours of Benin

The Colours of Benin

Sophie Modert


Couverture souple

52 pages

ISBN: 9782322157242

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 11.05.2017

Langue: français

Impression couleurs: oui

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En savoir plus
This book invites you on a journey to Benin. Come along as Sophie Modert shows you through poems and pictures what she has witnessed herself during her voluntary service: a poor, but joyful land in all its colours. In her first published book the young author from Luxembourg manages to describe the complex harmony of a landscape so very different from our own. At the same time she uncovers the unavoidable paradoxes of a country struggling to be independent, while still marked by colonial times.
Sophie Modert

Sophie Modert

Sophie Modert was born in 1997 in Luxembourg. After receiving her higher education entrance qualification, she spent around 4 months in the Republic of Benin as part of a voluntary service. The poems as well as the pictures in this book are the artistic witnesses of this very special journey.
Sophie Modert publishes her poems regularly on the literary blog just thoughts and has won different awards at contests like the Jeune Printemps du Luxembourg or the Prix Laurence.

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